IV therapy to keep you functioning and feeling great


We Understand Hydration

At River City Hydration Station we understand that everyone wants to feel their best. IV therapy is that
addition to your regular routine to help you feel and function better.

At River City Hydration Station, we understand that everyone wants to feel and look their best. However, sometimes we need an extra boost in addition to our healthy diet and lifestyle. IV therapy is the most effective way of hydrating the body, delivering vitamins, nutrients and fluids that the body needs to give the feeling of complete wellness and the best version of yourself.

  • Fatigue
  • Immunity boost
  • Training athlete
  • Minor colds
  • Hangover
  • General wellness boost
  • Pre or post workout prep/recovery
  • Headaches

If you come to us with an ailment or illness that we do not feel IV Therapy can assist with we will provide advice on where to seek a solution.

All our IV therapies are administered by fully trained and knowledgeable nursing staff.

Our mission statement

Our mission is to provide safe, high quality, and effective IV therapy to all of our patients. As fully qualified medical professionals, every member of our team strives to offer the best possible treatment so that our patients achieve the optimal level of wellness they desire.

Would you like to know more about River City Hydration Station?

If you have questions for our team or would like more information on our treatments do not hesistate to get in touch by calling…or emailing…One of our team members will happily get you all of the information you need.